Iris, messagère des dieux


Auguste Rodin1840 Paris – 1917 Meudon
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In 1889 Rodin received the commission for a monument to Victor Hugo; in one stage of the complex process of creation, Iris and the genius of the 19th century were to float around the poet's head in inspiring fashion. It first appeared in drawings in 1891; in 1894, the reclining figure taken as a starting point was enlarged and in 1897 integrated into the model as Iris. In 1898 it was shown for the first time as a separate sculpture at the Munich Secessions Exhibition. In addition to this large version, Rodin worked out a smaller version with head.
Also known as
Iris, die Botin der Götter Iris, Messenger of the Gods Iris, messagère des dieux
object: 84 x 85 x 40 cm
Inventory number
Credit line
Kunsthaus Zürich, 1949