Bildnis der Cleophea Krieg von Bellikon


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Hans Asperc. 1499 Zürich – 1571 Zürich
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Cleophea Holzhalb, née Krieg von Bellikon, was the widow of Albrecht vom Stein von Bern, a Swiss mercenary who had fallen at Bicocca. In her second marriage she wed Leonhard Holzhalb. Asper adopts the composition from the 'Family Portrait' by Hans Holbein the Younger (Kunstmuseum Basel), which was in Aspers possession. Dog and cat are a pictorial allusion to the sitter's maiden name: 'War of Bellikon'; the motif of crossed hands on the belt symbolizes marital fidelity. Counterpart to inv. 157.
Also known as
Portrait of Cleophea Krieg von Bellikon Portrait de Cleophea Krieg von Bellikon
Tempera and oil on panel
image: 77 x 61 cm
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Credit line
Kunsthaus Zürich, Keller Collection, 1854