8 (Grundstein)


Urs Fischer*1973 Zürich
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If you look up the word 'foundation stone' in the dictionary, you will find the following explanation: 'Stone that is symbolically placed in a solemn ceremony as the first stone of the foundation wall of a building.' This is how it is usually done, but not in the case of the 'Foundation Stone' by Urs Fischer (*1973). The Swiss artist, with whom the Kunsthaus Zürich already has a long history, once again crosses expectations - and on different levels. For the laying of the foundation stone of the extension building on 8 November 2016, Fischer gave the Kunsthaus a work that was not meant to be buried in the ground, but seems to be made of material that has been used for buildings since Neolithic times: Clay. But here comes the next stumbling block, because what looks like clay is actually bronze. This play with materials is characteristic of Urs Fischer. Decay, or rather destruction and form-finding are always close together in his work. This is shown very well by the footprints, which refer to how the artist trampled on the clay with trainers during the creation of the work in order to find the form. Fischer is just as nonchalant about art history as he is about the material, and unceremoniously places a carrot on the chaise longue. Vegetables and fruits appear again and again in Fischer's work, whether because of his love of cooking or simply because he finds their form perfect.
Also known as
8 (Foundation Stone)
Cast bronze, acrylic primer, gesso, oil paint
object: 78.7 x 215.9 x 199.4 cm
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Kunsthaus Zürich, Donated by the artist, 2016